Youth Ministry


Serves as a ministry that works with those from 7th grade to age 18; by organizing activities that minister to young people and give a wholesome environment for spiritual growth.

Contact: Rev. Maurice Banks

There are so many ways for youth and college students to get connected and involved! Through youth retreats, youth lock-in, youth revivals, and a host of other activities and services, youth are engaged, informed and impacted for the purpose of becoming a devoted disciple of Christ. If you are in grades 7 – College or in that age range, find your place with the Youth & College Ministry and come GROW with us!


Join youth and college students for a dynamic, next generation worship experience every Sunday at 9:30AM in the Chapel. This high-energy service is designed to empower, inspire and transform the lives of young people!

College Ministry

Our college ministry is designed to enhance the education and life experience of college students while serving as a support system and resource for students to help maximize their academic achievements. Through trainings, workshops, fun fellowships and our college mentoring program, our college students are given every advantage to succeed at the next level of academia.

Ministry Contact: Kristen Nickens

I AM Ministry

Implement innovative methods; inspire our scholars to realize their full academic, spiritual and social potential; enhance critical thinking skills and prepare our students to compete in a global society.

Ministry Contact: Raedella Pope


The mentoring ministry is designed to help empower young women and young men to be and to accomplish all God has for them. The ministry challenges youth to fulfill their destiny by helping them to develop socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

DOVES (Daughters of Virtue) - Ministry Contact: Anita Bonds

Boys II Men - Ministry Contact: Dave Freeman

Scholarship Ministry

Our scholarship ministry is designed to financially support the students of Mt. Ennon. The scholarship ministry provides scholarships and/or tuition assistance for every student who meets all requirements.

Ministry Contact: Adonica Pickett

Scout Ministry

Our scouting program seeks to help develop young men and young women and instill personal values based on Godly concepts that serve them, their community and God.

- Boy Scouts - Ministry Contact: Deacon Curtis Dawson

Sports & Recreation

Our youth are physically challenged through the recreation ministry. Through organized sports such as basketball, football, soccer and other recreational sports, young men and women not only taught the skills for such sports, but discipline and appropriate Christ-like behavior as well.

Ministry Contact:

Youth Etiquette Training

Our youth etiquette training provides an opportunity for young men and women to develop their social skills, presentation skills, and dining skills. Every youth can take advantage of this comprehensive training that will prepare them for the next level.

Ministry Contact:


Youth Liturgical Dance Ministry – Praise in Motion (see Music & Arts)

Youth Fellowship Choir – (see Music & Arts for contact information)

Youth Praise Team – (see Music & Arts for contact information)


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